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Purrfect For Cats

The Many Uses of Sugar

cat01Dr. Kinnunen just had a cat come in necessitating the use of sugar for treatment. No, it was not a diabetic cat.

A young male cat was presented with a prolapsed rectum. That means that the cat had pushed out part of his rectum through the anus. The rectal tissue swells and becomes trapped outside of the anus. It can dry and lose blood supply and become non-viable quickly. This cat looked like he had a red balloon protruding from his anus. Treatment must be early and fast to save the cat from amputation and anastomosis of rectal tissue surgically.

Animals can prolapse a uterus or rectum. In cattle, a prolapsed uterus is common after calving and must be replaced to save the cow’s life and reproductive capacity. In the field, veterinarians will put table sugar on a uterus to draw out the fluid from the trapped swollen uterus and then push it back inside. It works extremely well. The same can be done in small animals to replace prolapses and avoid surgery many times.

Dr. Kinnunen applied sugar until the rectum was small enough to push back inside. A purse string suture is placed in the anus to prevent the anus from being pushed out again. Enough room is left for the cat to defecate soft stools for a week. Stool softeners and can food is fed for a week. Then the sutures are removed and most of the time, the rectum stays inside.

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