Dental Care

Cats have dental problems just as people do and care is available to ease pain, discomfort, and infections in the mouth. Our veterinarians see a large number of cats with dental disease. Cats develop dental tartar and gingivitis (gum infections) and abscessed teeth.

Cats also have some species and breed specific dental problems. Feline Resorptive Tooth Lesions are erosion’s in the tooth enamel at the gum line. They are not the same as human cavities but will resemble human cavities. Teeth with these lesions are open to the pulp cavity and painful. The teeth must be removed. Fillings have been tried but do not work in cats with this problem.

Plasmacytic/Lymphocytic Gingivitis and Stomatitis is a very painful gum disease. The solution to this malady is the extraction of all or most of the cat’s teeth. Yes, this seems drastic, but it does work. Stomatitis is inflammation in the back of the mouth and is the most difficult part of the gum inflammation to resolve and control. The use of our surgical laser to remove inflammatory tissue has proved very helpful in a number of cases.

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