Anesthesia and Surgery:

We provide dental and surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering in St. Louis.

Isoflurane gas anesthesia is used at St. Louis Cat Clinic during surgery and dental procedures. Isoflurane has a great margin of safety for animals as well as people. All patients are monitored with pulse oximeters (tracks heart rate and oxygen concentration of the blood). Our patients are all monitored for body temperature. For longer procedures, the above is monitored as well as blood pressure. Veterinary Technicians use a patient monitoring form for each patient. Patients are monitored until they are awake and the endotracheal tube (breathing tube) is removed. That form becomes part of the patient’s medical record.

Our veterinarians scrub for surgery, use masks and caps, use sterile surgery gowns and gloves, work with sterile drapes and sterile surgery instruments.

Many of our surgeries are done with a surgical laser. Lasers seal blood vessels and nerves. Lasers decrease bleeding and post surgical pain.

Pain control medication is used and sent home with our patients for comfort.

If you’re in need of a spay and neuter clinic in St. Louis, or have any surgical needs, visit us today.

Surgeon Specialist:

Dr. Jennifer Wardlaw is a board certified specialist surgeon who comes into to St. Louis Cat Clinic to do complicated orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. She is wonderful. She did a TPLO on Dr. Freesh’s dog, Zeke, after he tore his anterior cruciate ligament and his meniscus. Zeke runs and plays as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Warlaw has performed knee surgery, fracture repair surgery, and a perineal urethrostomy at the clinic. The patients did extremely well.

For more information about Dr. Wardlaw visit her website at

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