Wellness Care

A physical exam is a very important part of wellness care. Problems may be found and noted early such as ear infections, ear mites, fleas, dental disease, abscessed teeth, eye diseases, weight loss which signals illness, skin tumors, enlarged thyroid glands signalling hyperthyroidism, dehydration indicating disease, thickened and painful joints common with arthritis, hair loss and skin disease, fever, heart murmurs and heart arrhythmia, abnormal respiratory sounds. Test procedures such as radiographs (x-rays), blood tests, urinalysis test, skin tests, cultures, ear tests, ultrasound to identify specific problems will be recommended.

Vaccinations to prevent common preventable diseases will be recommended, discussed, and given based on the cat’s risk of exposure and need for protection.

Stool testing for intestinal worms, pathogenic bacteria, and protozoa should be done yearly on all cats.

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