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Purrfect For Cats

Clinical Studies Open and in Progress at St. Louis Cat Clinic

1. Anemia Study. The purpose of the clinical study is to obtain FDA approval for a new medication to treat anemia in cats with Kidney Insufficiency. Cats must have a hematocrit of 29 or less to screen. Cats with a very low hematocrit requiring a blood transfusion cannot be screened or enter the study. There are additional screening criteria.

2. Kidney Insufficiency Study. The study involves a new medication for cats with Kidney Insufficiency to obtain FDA approval. The medication shows promise that it will slow the progression of Kidney Insufficiency and prolong life for possibly years. There is no medication available at this time that slows the progression of Kidney Insufficiency. Cats must have a creatinine of 1.9 to 5.0 and a urine specific gravity of 1.035 (documented by testing) or below at least 2 weeks prior to screening to qualify for screening. There are additional screening criteria such as medications, subcutaneous fluids therapy, and other concurrent diseases.

Both studies have criteria which must be met for screening exams and inclusion into the study. Your cat does not have to be a patient of St. Louis Cat Clinic to screen or enter either of these clinical trials. If your cat is a patient at St. Louis Cat Clinic, a review of your cat's records can be easily done to determine eligibility for a study. If your cat is not a patient at St. Louis Cat Clinic, our veterinarians will need to review records and previous blood and urine tests results to determine whether your cat will meet the required criteria for screening for the study.

Olivia, one of our clinic kitties, has Kidney Insufficiency

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