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Purrfect For Cats

Calming Feliway For Cats

feliway-wipes-12-12-300x212Feliway is a pheremone that has a calming affect on cats that are nervous and trying to mark territory usually with urine. The clinic has the room diffusers and spray. Now we also have the Feliway wipes in packets of one wipe.

At home before putting your cat in his/her carrier, wipe the carrier inside thoroughly with the wipe. Allow 15 minutes for the alcohol from the wipe to evaporate and then put kitty in the carrier. Alcohol smell heightens stress in cats. Feliway spray can also be used to spray a towel, let the alcohol evaporate and cover the carrier with the towel on the way into the clinic and while kitty is here at the clinic.

Feliway diffusers and spray for the home are also available at the clinic. Ask a technician or receptionist how to use these excellent cat products.

We have some sample (free) wipes and a brochure about getting cats in carriers and to the clinic at the reception desk. We have individual wipes for $1.42 plus tax also.Please try one and see if your cats is more comfortable during his/her next visit.

St. Louis Cat Clinic is now using Feliway sprayed towels in exam rooms, Feliway diffusers in exam rooms and reception area, and Feliway spray in the exam rooms as well as the rest of the clinic. We are using Feliway sprayed towels for hospitalized and boarding cats. Feliway makes a difference in a cat’s comfort level.

Feliway has a new Multi-cat diffuser. More on that later.

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