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St. Louis Cat Clinic, Inc.
Phone: (314) 832-2287
3460 Hampton Ave.
Suite 101
St. Louis, MO 63139

Purrfect For Cats

About Us

About UsPeople describe cats as curious, entertaining, lovable, affectionate, aloof, individual, endearing and a host of other adjectives. The doctors and staff at the St. Louis Cat Clinic regard the care and nurturing of cats a special calling.

Cats are not simply small dogs. A cat is an animal with unique diseases, behavior, personality and care requirements. Feline behavior and a cat's medical needs require the expertise of professionals who have dedicated their practice to the care and love of cats and those special people who choose to share their lives with cats.

Cats do not read the veterinary text books and follow the typical clinical symptoms of a disease like a dog. A cat does not follow rules. It does what it wants to do. It takes a veterinarian who is used to thinking in the cat’s terms to recognize the subtle symptoms and idiosyncrasies of a cat. It takes a veterinarian with a depth of experience, special knowledge and a passionate interest in cats to effectively diagnose and treat conditions unique to felines, and to effectively communicate the best recommendation to the cat’s caregivers in a friendly, caring and professional manner.

You may be unaware that cats are commonly afflicted with diseases such as diabetes and excessive thyroid hormone. Certain conditions are very specific to certain breeds of cats. Cats require specific nutrients and diets that meet needs matched to their life stage. They may be susceptible to heart enlargement and even unique cancers. Behavioral problems may be causing them to be less than welcome, but these may be mitigated with appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Contagious diseases such as leukemia, distemper, respiratory infections, rabies and even feline immunodeficiency virus can afflict our cat friends and can be largely controlled with vaccinations and good husbandry practices. And, of course, common parasitic conditions, both external and internal can be virtually eliminated.

AboutOur doctors and their staff have devoted their practice to these patients. Everyone at the St. Louis Cat Clinic has cats of their own. They are very familiar with cat behavior and medical problems. When you call for information or to schedule a visit, our receptionists are not only trained to schedule your visit but to help identify urgent situations that may require a more immediate response.

The veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians at St. Louis Cat Clinic provide compassionate care in a friendly environment that their patients love. The fact that they work exclusively with cats allows your special pet to thrive in a relaxed and accommodating environment.

The clinic is quiet and free of barking dogs. During its stay your cat is provided with a cat bed and soft towels or quilts to foster the seclusion and comfort they enjoy. Boxes are provided for shy cats to hide and cage door covers help facilitate their security. Toys are provided in cages for entertainment and enrichment. Hands to stroke, comfort and induce a good purr are always ready.

For more information, call the St. Louis Cat Clinic at 314-832-2287, or visit them at 3460 Hampton Avenue.

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