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Pet Health Insurance

pet_healthThere are several companies offering pet heath insurance in the market today. A major problem with a number of them is that the company will not insure a pet when it reaches 10 years of age or older. When do a majority of pets have health problems? Yes, you guessed it-when they are 10 and older.

St. Louis Cat Clinic recommends Purina Pet Health insurance for the following reasons. It is offered by a large corporate company which makes a large number of products. The company is diversified and unlikely to go out of business and leave you with a worthless policy after you have paid for it. Purina will consider writing a policy for a pet 10 years of age or older. Yes, it will cost you more after a review of your pet’s medical records is done. Purina is a good corporate citizen, as well as the clinic can determine, with a long history in the pet business. The company has a big incentive to do pet insurance well because they are a leader in the pet industry.

There are some corporate veterinary hospitals that offer their own pre-paid pet health insurance policies. They are not inexpensive and they count on a client failing to use all of the services as well as adding on additional services and products that are not covered in the policy. If your pet is not responding to treatment at a corporate veterinary hospital, you have no other option. You cannot take that insurance to any other clinic or a specialist.

Purina Pet Health Insurance website:

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