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Purrfect For Cats


dietObesity is one of the most common and very serious medical problems in domestic cats and dogs today. Is the phenomenon a trickle down from the US phenomenon of over weight people? Is it related or not related? Are cats and dogs at fault for over eating? Are pet foods responsible? There is a new medication for obesity in dogs-is that a solution? Are we as pet owners responsible for over feeding?

Pet owners are the responsible party. If our pets had to return to hunting to eat, they would get a lot of exercise and only eat when they caught prey just like lions, tigers, leopards, and other big cats.

Pets won’t over eat if not over fed. We have to control our own portions and that can be very difficult. We can easily control our pets’ portions.

Prescription diet foods are available to reduce calories, but reduced portions are also required. An increase in exercise is a difficult proposition for indoor cats. A weight reduction medication is not an answer or necessary. It is just more expense when reduction in food volume will reduce weight.

Other options for cats: outside cat safe fence-check online, more vertical space indoor for climbing and play-check online.

Problems associated with obesity in cats: fatty liver disease, inability to groom, Diabetes, skin diseases, inability to keep the anal area free of stool (dirty butt), urine scald and infection due to fat pads covering the vulva, difficulty breathing, and difficulty walking.

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