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In Memory of Sapphire

sapphire-269x300Last night, we had to say goodbye to our 18 year old clinic cat, Sapphire. She was surrounded by technicians and receptionists who loved her. She went into kidney failure. No further treatment was possible for her.

Most of you never met or set eyes on our Sapphie. She was a feral cat when a client gave her to me after I asked to have her for the clinic. Her brothers had FeLV and she would have died at a young age had she stayed outside with them in a feral colony. She was climb the walls feral at 6 months of age.

It took me months feeding her baby food from my fingers before I could pet her under her chin. It took years to be able to pet her on the top of her head. She felt safe in her cage and would run to the cage and meow to be petted. That is the only place that we could pet her for years. She finally allowed me and a few other staff to pet her when she was walking around the clinic. Only a few people could pick her up. She allowed me to sit in my desk chair with her behind me, but would never sit in my lap.

She had a tiny pretty voice. She would rub on our legs after the clinic closed at night. She loved being combed and brushed. She often sat in the hallway sunning herself when we were not very busy. She let some young children pet her one day and a male client much to our surprise. She was sweet and loving to all of us. She was a joy!! She was also beautiful.

Her chirping greeting will be missed every morning.

Joan M. Freesh, DVM

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