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Cindee and her hair loss

cindee-300x196Cindee is a lovable 8 year old, no tail, cat with allergies. She was licking herself until her hair was gone and vomiting hair constantly from all the licking. She has hair loss all year round. Hair loss and licking a lot can be an indication of several diseases: skin mites, food allergies, flea allergic dermatitis, environmental allergies (pollen, trees, mold, house mites, house dust, fabric, cleaners, mildew to mention only a few), anxiety over grooming, internal parasites, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, or internal cancers.

Cindee’s owner has her on flea prevention and no fleas were found on her at exam. Blood panels had been done and Cindee was not hyperthyroid and showed no indications of any liver or kidney disease. She had a normal eosenophil count (a white blood cell) so the chances of external or internal parasites was reduced

Cindee was placed on allergy medication as a trial treatment because food allergy trials take 8-10 weeks and she was miserable. This picture was taken after 2 weeks of treatment for environmental allergies. Her hair is regrowing, no more vomiting, and she is playing and not licking any more. Because she has this problem all year round, she is likely allergic to something inside the house. She will stay on allergy medication all year from now on. Dose reduction is now being conducted. We will see how Cindee does.

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