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St. Louis Cat Clinic, Inc.
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Celebrating 25 Years for St. Louis Cat Clinic in 2017

10013111_10153994743520150_3607633086474601066_nIn 2017, St. Louis Cat Clinic will reach our twenty fifth year of operation. We will be celebrating! The clinic opened in 1992 with three medical records-Dr. Freesh's cats and dog. The practice was located at that time on Chippewa where there is now a Walgreens. The cat only practice grew and served many cats in the St. Louis area. Ten years after the practice opened, Dr. Freesh and other businesses in the small strip shopping center on Chippewa found out that Pace Properties and Walgreens were going to take the property and demolish the shopping center to build a Walgreens. All of the other businesses had leases that had run out; so they were easily evicted. Dr. Freesh had one more, at her pleasure, lease renewal for 5 years on her contract. She notified that she evoked her right to renew.

It took 3 years to wrangle a lease buy out from Pace Properties and Walgreens, but Dr. Freesh won that battle. The current practice location is where St. Louis Cat Clinic built in a new space and moved with the lease buy out money and expanded.

The practice continued to grow and it has been wonderful. The practice has expanded to two and one half veterinarians and increased staffing over 14 years at the current location. Thanks to all of our clients and their wonderful cats, we enjoy our jobs and service to the communities that support the practice.

Veterinary practice is a wonderful job and career! Thanks to our staff and clients for support and for making this practice a great place to work! Thanks to all the terrific cats that we have care for for 25 years.

Joan M. Freesh, MS, DVM

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