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Purrfect For Cats

Cats That Need to Be Combed Regularly

Long haired cats usually need to be combed regularly by their owners at least 3 times a week and sometimes daily. Cats with extremely fine hair will need combing daily. Combing is better than brushing. Get at least 2 combs-one to basic comb and one to fine comb. Brushes are not as effective to keep long haired cats from matting.

Obese cats need to be combed also because they are not able to reach their backs and often become matted in the hip area even with short hair.

Some breeds of cats have been bred to have very fine long hair coats (Persians and Himalayans) and cannot groom well enough on their own and need help from their humans. The cat is not at fault for failing to keep their coats from matting.

Joan M. Freesh, MS, DVM

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