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Radiograph of 14 Year Old Cat

This is a radiograph of a 14 year old cat. She was brought in because the owner said that she had not defecated for 2 months. Hard stool in the colon was palpated and a radiograph was taken. The large white tube in her abdomen is her colon packed with hard stool. The pelvic inlet is where the stool is lodged and cannot exit that small opening. The colon is widely distended. The wide distention is called megacolon-a more common problem in middle age to older cats. The colon loses is contractility and stretches. The normal intestinal peristaltic movement to defecate is lost. The diagnosis for this cat is Constipation/Megacolon.

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Cat Bladder Stones Radiographs

The radiograph on the left shows bladder stones in a 13 year old cat who had blood in her urine. She was placed on a prescription diet food that will dissolve one type of bladder stone in cats. The radiograph on the right shows that the bladder stones are almost completely dissolved after 2 weeks on the new food. In a month, the cat will be rechecked to see if the stones have completely dissolved.

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Cat Coughing Radiographs

These radiographs were taken of a cat who was coughing a lot. You can see white ringed circles in the lungs. The circles are called "donut holes" and are indicative of bronchitis and asthma. The kitty was placed on antibiotics and asthma medications. He will be rechecked and additional radiographs taken of his lungs in a few weeks.

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Now offering 3 year Rabies vaccines

St. Louis Cat Clinic is offering a 3 year Rabies vaccine. This new vaccine is a recombinant vaccine-NO adjuvants.

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How to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease (Hepatic Lipidosis)

Hepatic lipidosis can be triggered by stress and which can cause a cat to stop eating. Stress such as moving, new baby, new puppy or dog, new people in home, visitors, construction in the home, construction outside the home, are some of the stress related reasons that we document.

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Antinol for Arthritis

St. Louis Cat Clinic now carries Antinol for treatment of arthritis in cats. Antinol is a sea sourced Omega Fatty Acid supplement.

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Prescription Diet Discounts All of the Time on

The clinic ‘s Online Store offers discounts every time (not just on the first order as other online stores do) on Royal Canin and Hills prescription diet food.

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Special deal for Purina foods on Pro Plan Vet Direct

Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct has a great special going on now! Get 20% off Pro Plan diets with any purchase of a Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet. Use promo code PROPLAN20.

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The Most Trusted Online Source for Pet Products — Us!

Did you know you can purchase your pet’s medications and nutrition products in our online store and have them delivered right to your front door?

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Tritrichomonas is an intestinal parasite often responsible for chronic diarrhea in cats. Unfortunately, the current PCR test for Tritrichomonas is not a be all/end all test. It is expensive and the test results if "negative" are always qualified with the statement that there may not be enough of the protozoa present to produce a positive test.

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