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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is fun time for kids and grownups but it is also a time to be aware of hidden dangers.

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Dangers and Treatments for Household Battery Ingestion

In today's households batteries of all types can be found — alkaline, disc and rechargeable — and all present risks to pets who are exposed to them.

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Clinical Study

If your cat is at least 1 year of age, and currently or previously had trouble passing feces, he or she may qualify for this trial.

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Foreign Body Surgery

A neutered male Domestic Shorthair cat was seen by Dr. Kinnunen because he had a strange swelling on his ventral abdomen that had a couple of red areas and a point in the middle.

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Vaccination Recommendations and Use at St. Louis Cat Clinic

At St. Louis Cat Clinic, only the most efficacious and safest vaccines are used for our cat patients.

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New Bayer Advantage Multi Promotion and Rebate

In mid-September a new Bayer promotion for Advantage Multi will begin. When you buy 6 tubes of Advantage Multi, you will get a coupon for a $20 rebate which you will mail in with proof of purchase.

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Fluid in the abdomen

This is a radiograph of a cat that has ascites (fluid in the abdomen).

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Perianal Vulvar Infection

This picture shows an overweight cat that is getting a complete clip. This cat had black material stuck on her hair around her anus and vulva which turned out to be fecal material and urine.

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August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

We often think our cats are highly independent and take great care of themselves, but in reality they need yearly vet visits as much as dogs do.

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Tail Injuries

This picture shows a 2 year old cat's end of tail which had a door closed on it at home by the family's children by mistake. The skin was pulled off when the cat jumped forward. A little but of the cocygeal (tail) vertebrae are visible.

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