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Clinical Studies

Veterinary Clinical Studies

Clinical StudiesThe St. Louis Cat Clinic prides itself on participating in various clinical studies for new medical treatments for cats. Every study is different, yet important in it’s own way. Studies usually offer free health services for participating cats. Some offer extra financial incentives.

General information about being a part of a clinical study can be found by clicking on: What is a clinical trial? Check below for more detailed information about studies we are currently working with.

You do not have to be client of the clinic in order to join a study.

Now Enrolling!

1 in 3 cats is unlucky

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the most common disease affecting cats over 7 years of age and is a major cause of suffering and death in senior cats (up to 50% of elderly cats are affected).

The INSPIRE study is an international research effort to evaluate an investigational medication to manage CKD in cats so they might live healthier lives.

Our practice is currently screening cats for this important global study.

Participation is free!

If your cat has been diagnosed with CKD or is a senior cat, visit for more information. Contact us right away if you believe your cat is eligible.

For more information please contact:
St. Louis Cat Clinic
(314) 832-2287

We are also enrolling for this new feline study:

Does your cat have chronic constipation ?

  • Infrequent emission of feces

  • Dry and/or firm stool consistency

  • Straining while defecating

  • Frequent attempts to evacuate bowels

Is your cat at least 1 year of age?

Has your cat previously and/or currently been constipated for at least 14 days? Within those 14 days, has your cat had at least 2 episodes of not passing stool for 24 hours?

Would you be interested in enrolling your cat in a clinical food trial?

If qualified, your cat will receive examinations, blood testing, stool analysis, and a therapeutic diet at no cost. Owners will also receive compensation for participation.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, please speak to someone today for more information.