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Purrfect For Cats


Time to play!

We are celebrating 25 years in business and want to do something fun for you. With that in mind, here is a hidden word puzzle.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a common condition in pets. Ever wonder what is done when the veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning? Watch this informative video on periodontal disease:

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Clinical Studies Open and in Progress at St. Louis Cat Clinic

Read about open and in progress clinic studies at St. Louis Cat Clinic.

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FDA Warning for Fluorouracil

Fluorouracil is a prescription topical ointment often used on humans for the treatment of superficial skin basal cell tumors. So reports of five dogs have become ill and died after accidentally ingesting the medication.

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Gastrointestinal Parasites in Cats

There is a lot more to determining gastrointestinal parasites presence in your cat than looking at stools for actual worms. You will rarely see worms in stools and not all parasites in the intestinal tract are nematodes (worms).

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Celebrating 25 Years for St. Louis Cat Clinic in 2017

In 2017, St. Louis Cat Clinic will reach our twenty fifth year of operation. We will be celebrating! The clinic opened in 1992 with three medical records-Dr. Freesh's cats and dog.

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Ear Problems That are Actually Systemic Diseases

Crusty skin lesions on a cat's ears, may not be just an ear problem. Immune-mediated Pemphigus, allergies to environmental allergens and food allergies, and Ringworm Fungus can all look the same on cat's ears. Sometimes Ringworm Fungus can be present in addition to the primary disease.

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Cat Selfies

We all know cats are fascinating and smart and now they take a selfie. Check out this article on Adweek to read about an app which allows cats to do this, click here.

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Feline Anemia Study

St. Louis Cat Clinic has enrolled it's first cat in an anemia study clinical trial using a new medication to resolve chronic anemia especially in cats with kidney insufficiency.

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Technicians made a cuddly warm basket for Larry when he stays in the doctor's office over night. He is getting older and seemed cold Monday AM when everyone came into work. The second HVAC was not on heat and now it is. Larry loves the basket.

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