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The Baker Institute for Animal Health and the Cornell Feline Health Center recently sponsored Pet CPR - Baker Pet Talks: Tips from Cornell Experts

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National Pet Week

National Pet Week is the first week of May each year.

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Cardiomyopathy in Birman Cats

The Winn Foundation has published information concerning the types of cardiomyopathy identified in Birman Cats.

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Puzzle Time Again

Hope you enjoyed the last hidden word puzzle relating to felines and veterinary clinics.

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Money Tips for Caring Pet Owners

The American Veterinary Medical Association has published resources on their website tips for taking care of pets financially.

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Test Your Cat IQ

True or False? 1. Cats may become diabetics?

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FIV Vaccines Back Ordered

Feline FIV vaccines are on permanent back order status at this time.

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Celebrating 25 Years in Business

We are going to test your memories of the clinic's early years. Can you answer these questions?

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Cats That Need to Be Combed Regularly

Long haired cats usually need to be combed regularly by their owners at least 3 times a week and sometimes daily. Cats with extremely fine hair will need combing daily. Combing is better than brushing. Get at least 2 combs-one to basic comb and one to fine comb. Brushes are not as effective to keep long haired cats from matting.

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Flea Combs-One of the Most Valuable Cat Care Products Available

A flea comb is one of the most valuable cat care products that you can purchase. St. Louis Cat Clinic sells a double sided plastic one that is about $1.50 including tax. We use them in the clinic and they seem to be durable and effective.

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